Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Listening With Longing

I tuned into my local Catholic radio station to listen to one of the national programs from a popular Catholic broadcaster. And suddenly I was longing to hear about Christ. Not about doctrine, forms of worship or how important it is to have more knowledge of The Church. Oh, why could they not mention His name?  When the conversation turned to St. Aquinus' vision and his realization that the Suma was nothing compared with meeting the Sacred Heart of Christ, why couldn't the speakers spend a little time talking about Jesus? I am longing to hear of you Jesus on Catholic radio.


  1. Pope Benedict said, "We can reflect upon the Church today. There is much talk about the Church of Rome, many things are said. Let us hope that people also talk about our faith. Let us pray to God that it may be so".

    I love the way Pope Benedict XVl always points to our Savior Jesus.

  2. Jesus said, "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks". So maybe if it's not really in there it's not really coming out ... just a perspective.

  3. ... and about the saints, Francis of Assisi, for one, and the others who lived "in imitation of Christ." About all I can do in my daily life is attempt to be kind, which not enough Christianity, is it?

  4. Sinco and Gary thank you for your profound thoughts. There is so much to say and question about our common faith in Christ. Sometimes the answers are not clear at the moment. The Holy Spirit speaking through St. Peter encourages us to, "Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins."
    1 Peter 4:8 NASB

  5. Hello Nancy, I too listen to a lot of Catholic radio and I found your comment confusing and a little disturbing. To me it sounds like your saying on the one hand is the Church and on the other is Jesus. I really don't see the difference, when I hear the Church I hear Jesus. When in discussions about the Church I always hear that the "pope is the head of the Church". I always correct them and let them know it's Jesus who is the head of the Church and the Pope is his vicar. When I see a saint I don't see a super person I see a master piece of Jesus. Every where I turn in this Church I can't help it but I always see Jesus. The teachings, the traditions, the mysticism, even the artwork and architecture. The Holy Mass, where I receive him, is the only place I find real peace and where everything makes sense. He's not just found in the static word of scripture (which I love too) but, active and alive in his living church. He's the head we are the body; one holy living organism. The more I learn about the Church the more I learn about him. The more I grow closer to his Church the more I grow closer to him. As a life long learner who can ever plumb the depth of Christ and his Church in one life time? Just some thoughts......

  6. Dear Anonymous,

    I am posting this not because of what you have said about the Church or the teachings and all that makes up the Body of Christ- the Church but because of the sentence, "He's not just found in the static word of scripture (which I love too) but, active and alive in his living church."

    This sentence seems to say to me that you may have confused my desire for more of

    Let me explain. I have a child. I love his hair, the color of his eyes, his words written to me or spoken in my ear. I love to hear about his work and accomplishments...and so much more. These are all parts of who my son is yet because I have a personal and interactive relationship with my son at the very mention of his name I am delighted. There is nothing I like more than to hear someone say my son's name in some positive way. My attention is intense if his name is mentioned. That is the nature of intimate relationships.

    I do understand the Catholic theology on the Church as the Body of Christ. And I have not yet reached the view of Jesus as you seem to enjoy. Perhaps I will as I journey.

    Now I am just stumbling along hoping at every encounter with His Church to hear His Blessed Name. Therefore when I have listened to a program or two on my local Catholic radio station and I do not hear the words Christ or Jesus...I long to encounter them because that is who am a Christian Catholic and a follower of Jesus.