Sunday, February 19, 2012

How Great A Foundation

Why do we Catholics seem to find the Protestant belief of sola scriptura (only scripture) so abhorrent that we respond by acting as if there is for us non scriptura (no scripture)?  What might happen to our hearts if we followed the lead of our Pope Benedict XVI?  What a gift of grace might we be to the world?


  1. I don't know too many Catholics who have robust prayer lives who ignore the Scriptures, I guess. Isn't it wonderful that we hear three passages every Sunday at Mass?

  2. Hi Roz,
    I have not been on the web for a few months and just found your comment. Thanks for posting your thoughts! As to your question, yes, it is wonderful the Sunday Mass is full of scripture. It begins with the sign of the cross and continues from there. When I write about the Holy Scriptures as foundational, I mean just that. Because Scripture is quoted all through the Mass. And if we Catholics open our Bibles and read it cover to cover over and over again we will be so enriched that there will be no accounting the Graces we will receive and the Blessing we will be to the world. :)