Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Quality of Mercy~

God is merciful. God working through His Son is merciful.
Let all of us that call ourselves Church cooperate with our merciful Father
in all our words, deeds and thoughts.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Thank You Jesus for Earnest Requests...

Not being an expert quilter I've never thought of myself as a teacher of the skill.  I can't make those amazing quilt tops that dazzle the eye and win blue ribbons.  I've never attempted curves and angles all neatly arranged and stitched so intricately.  Many of my seams wobble and I cringe when I think about how my binding sometimes falls off with use. Still I love to make warm quilts with pretty colors. My family seems to like them.  It's a great arrangement.

Last month a friend asked me to teach her how to quilt. "Me?" I thought.  But she was so earnest that I agreed.  We selected a pattern, material and I showed her how to prepare and cut out her quilt. I did for her what a friend did for me in the past...I taught her what I knew.

And she has made a beautiful quilt!

Cyndi's Quilt

Friday, October 12, 2012

How Quickly Life Moves

I'm working my way through piles and piles of memories; thirty years of things. Treasures once too dear to part with are now forgotten and unwanted. It has been a journey back into my young adulthood and into the lives of our offspring. I have handled: letters, school papers, toys, clothes, bags of stones or shells, diplomas, caps and gowns, trinkets and office supplies, photos, base balls, soft balls, computer programs, and books.

Lots of books have filled up my give away bags. Clothes washed and dried are designated as reuse or repurpose. Some things are ruined by mold or other events as to make them useless, some are going to the local thrift shop.  And a mound of paper is growing in the recycle bin. I've repacked the rest.

Yesterday my emotions of longing and loss ran away with my heart. It happened as I remembered the bright eyes and quick little hands that made these lifeless things real and full of unlimited tomorrows.
Today I'm full of clarity and propose to finish the task; remove the damaged and unneeded, salvage and save what is wanted or will be, and pack away the treasures.

One day these riches will spark recognition and memories will flood my adult children with long ago dreams and activities of childhood. The memory of our family will be there too.

Why else repack?

Monday, October 1, 2012

Courage is Needed

We need to let Christ update His Church and that begins with us as individuals. Wherever we find ourselves in Christ's Mystical Body we need to personally renew our relationship with the Savior and ask for Joy... His Joy!