Friday, September 21, 2012

Time to Wonder

In the chaotic days of summer and fall around our home -- chaotic because in Western Washington the only outside work that gets done gets done when the sun shines -- it has been a busy few weeks of planting, painting, cleaning and digging. The yearly sorting and cleaning of the storage shed and, well, the news that as I have gotten older I have developed some sensitivities to foods and additives . . .  leading to another round of tests and seeking answers . . . It's been a long few months.

Now it may seem this is a bad thing...but it is a wonderful opportunity to change. And since Christians look at -- or are encouraged to look at -- all things as part of the Father's this time I can say this surely is just perfect timing.  I have had to delete many foods from my diet.  I am learning to enjoy new ones and I am growing in appreciation for the many varieties of grains and foods enjoyed by multiple cultures.  

Although Goat's milk is still a challenge.
But since I titled this a "Time to Wonder"...Here is the link.  Enjoy!

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